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The Powerful Impact of Consistency

Oseola McCarty – a name that the average person , if asked, would be hard-pressed to tell you who she was. However, to the University of Southern Mississippi, Ms. McCarty was someone pretty special because in 1995, she became their most notable benefactor.

Ms. McCarty was a “washerwoman”! And for many years, that is what she was known for. She got up each day and did what she knew how to do, consistently put one foot in front of the other, and in the process saved over $150,000 for which she, upon her death, bequeathed it to the university to be used for students in need of financial assistance.

Considering what must have been very merger earnings, it never occurred to Ms. McCarty that changing the lives of future generations, was something she was incapable of doing. Indeed she had an idea to leave a legacy that would change the lives of students for generations to come. Her legacy is at this writing, helping to educate a future scientist who might very well find a cure for cancer or a future leader who perhaps might create a message to establish common ground for world peace. Whoever receives the benefit of her generous gift, he or she will have the opportunity to change the world because a simple, ordinary woman made a conscious decision to give.

When I thought about what I would like to accomplish through this series, it became apparent to me that my goal is to first and foremost, hold a mantle to shine a light on individuals whose voices and stories are seldom heard. These are the silent voices of people who walk among us each day, doing what they do best; positively contribute to make our world a better place in which to live.  And last, but not least, it is my hope that their stories will inspire others to use their gifts and talents to do the same.

I am that person who finds it hard not to engage people that I meet in my travels, and as a result, I have met some of the most remarkable people one could ever hope to encounter. What amazes me even more is that a high percentage of these people are making contributions and many will live and die without the impact they made ever being known.

This amazing journey has only just begun and I cannot wait to share the stories of these inspiring, life-changing, extra-ordinary, Ordinary People.  Won’t you join us?

I look forward to having you come along!

Because life should be good!


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